Umbrella classification


Umbrellas have different functions in accordance with t […]

Umbrellas have different functions in accordance with the classification method.

According to the most common folds:

1. Advantages of long handle umbrella: The windproof effect is good, especially the long-handled umbrella with more ribs, which is a good choice for windy and heavy rain; the shortcoming of long handle umbrella: it is not convenient to carry.

2. Two-fold umbrella advantage: The two-fold umbrella combines the windproof function of the long-handled umbrella and is better to carry than the long-handled umbrella. Many manufacturers develop two-fold umbrellas to make high-end umbrellas or rain-proof umbrellas. Insufficient two-fold umbrella: When using the umbrella, the umbrella should be folded down one by one. Relatively long compared to a three-fold umbrella, it is not convenient to carry.

3. After the invention of the three-fold umbrella, it has been widely loved by people. The advantages of the three-fold umbrella are: compact and easy to carry. The shortcomings of the three-fold umbrella are more inferior to the heavy wind and heavy rain than the long handle or the two-fold umbrella.

4. Five-fold umbrella advantages: smaller than the three-fold umbrella, easy to carry. Disadvantages of the five-fold umbrella: the storage is more difficult to fold, and the umbrella surface is relatively small.

5. There are also rare four-fold and six-fold cheap umbrellas. Four-fold umbrella and six-fold umbrella: mainly for people on business trips, it is convenient to carry.