What kind of umbrella is the advertising umbrella?


  The practical use is very wide: advertising umbr […]


The practical use is very wide: advertising umbrellas can shelter from the wind, now some luxury jewelry brands also make advertising umbrellas into beautiful umbrellas, people with umbrellas will be very proud to use the umbrella with your company LOGO, so both publicity You have increased the reputation of the user and won two birds with one stone.

The audience is easy to accept: many forms of advertising are hard-to-accept for customers, TV ads, etc., and advertising forms are easy for the audience to accept, because the audience first considers practical, but indirect publicity. your company.

The advertising custom umbrella  is divided into three fold advertising umbrellas, straight advertising umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, wine bottle advertising umbrellas. These different advertising umbrellas have different publicity effects and audiences, and you can make an advertising umbrella suitable for you according to the actual requirements of your company.