What are the functions of Umbrella


Umbrellas have different functions according to the cla […]

Umbrellas have different functions according to the classification method.
Divided into the most common folds:
1. Long-handle umbrellas Advantages: The effect of windproof is good, especially long-handle custom umbrella with more ribs, windy and heavy rain are good choices; shortcomings of long-handle umbrellas: inconvenient to carry.
2. Two-fold Umbrella Advantages: Two-fold umbrellas combine the windproof function of long-handed umbrellas and are better carried than long-handed umbrellas. Many manufacturers have developed two-fold umbrellas to make high-end umbrellas or rain umbrellas. Two-fold umbrellas are not sufficient. Department: Umbrellas must be taken off one by one under the umbrella when they are used. They are relatively long for the three-fold umbrella and are not convenient to carry.
3. Three-fold umbrella has been widely loved by people after it was invented. The advantage of three-fold umbrella is that it is small and easy to use and carry. The disadvantage of three-fold umbrella is that it is much less than that of long handle or two-fold umbrella.
4. Five-fold umbrella advantages: more compact than a three-fold umbrella, easy to carry. Disadvantages of five-fold umbrella: the storage is more difficult to fold, the umbrella is relatively small.
5. There are rare 40% and 60% umbrellas. 40% umbrellas and 60% umbrellas: People who are on business trips are more portable and compact.