These fairy garden fairy umbrellas are so easy to make


Has the fairy garden crazed hit your household yet? It […]

Has the fairy garden crazed hit your household yet? It has at The Hydrangea House. Miniatures are all over the dang place, and anything cute and tiny has made its way under the roof to be added to the gardens we’ve got going down. In case you haven’t noticed, fairy garden accessories are getting pricey. And you already know, I just can’t roll with that nonsense. So let’s get creative shall we? These fairy garden fairy custom umbrella are so easy to make, and you can make them using supplies from Dollar Tree. Ready to offer your fairies some shade on a hot day? Give these fairy garden fairy umbrellas a try. They take minutes and pennies to make
I am not lying when I say we found everything we needed at Dollar Tree. They have a bunch of silk flowers that have this umbrella shape and do the trick.
This can’t get any easier, am I right? Now all you need to do is stick the fairy umbrellas directly into your fairy garden. Just press it into the soil or moss and your fairies have the perfect place for a picnic! Precious. Just precious.
For a few cents and in a few minutes, you can make fairy garden fairy umbrellas just like the ones you see here. Make a few so your fairies have plenty of shade. They are sure to appreciate it!