The difference between inflatable tent and metal bracket tent


The difference between an inflatable tent and a common […]

The difference between an inflatable tent and a common metal bracket tent generally has the following three points:

First, the weight

Because of the use of iron pipes as brackets, metal bracket folding tent tents are relatively heavy, which inevitably causes problems for transportation and movement. In particular, the larger the tent, the more brackets are used, and as the tent area increases, the load bearing demand will be greater, which will result in an increase in the weight of the bracket, and correspondingly, the wall thickness will be larger. The iron pipe, the weight of the tent is even greater.

The inflatable tent, which is an inflatable keel, can be folded, and compared with the ordinary metal tent of the iron pipe bracket structure, the weight is obviously lighter, so that it is relatively easy to transport.

Second, the volume

The same tent in the size of the tent, the metal bracket structure, due to the existence of the iron pipe bracket, can not be freely packaged; and the iron pipe bracket is generally longer, resulting in a smaller vehicle will not be able to enter, so in its transportation On the other hand, it is necessary to use a relatively large vehicle.

Inflatable tents, because they are soft, inflatable keel, and the air column can be folded at will after deflation; this design allows the tent to be folded freely after use, occupying only a small volume, and can be easily placed into a small Domestic vehicles and ordinary vehicles. Convenient transportation.

Third, erection and demolition

Metal bracket tents need to be erected by many people, and the erection time is long, and the larger the tent, the more people need and the longer it takes.