Teach you 7 strokes to use parasols effectively to resist UV rays


When the hot weather comes again, people should pay att […]

When the hot weather comes again, people should pay attention to sun protection when they go out. There are many kinds of parasols on the market. How to buy a genuine parasol has become a concern for many consumers.

Prevents UV damage to the body

1, skin. When the skin is exposed to excessive UV rays, it will damage the epidermis cells; activate tyrosinase, accelerate pigment synthesis, and destroy the skin's moisturizing function, making the skin dry, allowing the elastic fibers in the dermis to be damaged, resulting in fine lines. Under intense irradiation, it can also cause skin irritation and burns. When there is an abnormal situation, it becomes a pigmented skin cancer. So sun protection is not just about preventing darkening. Sun protection is very important.

2, eyes. Ultraviolet rays cause damage to the cornea, crystals, and retina of the eye. UVA is the “aging” ray that the sun emits, and it is the culprit that causes wrinkles and cataracts in the early years. UVB is the sun's "burning" rays that can cause eye and other skin cancers and corneal lesions (caries). In summer, the intensity of these rays is greater. In addition, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light may cause retinal maculopathy.

3, hair. Prolonged exposure to UV light can reduce the physical resistance of the hair, prone to bifurcation and breakage. The color becomes lighter: As long as the dyed hair is basking in the hot sun for a day, the hair color will be reduced by 40%, and the hair color will turn yellow. Ultraviolet light not only causes the hair to lose too much moisture, but it also breaks the chain structure of the protein in the hair, causing the scales to curl up and peel off, leaving the hair rough and yellow.

Effective protection: choosing parasols is more important than applying sunscreen

Which umbrellas can sunscreen?

There are many sunscreen instructions that will say: Do not try to use sunshades instead of sunscreen, because the sunshades can only withstand UVA ultraviolet rays and cannot withstand UVB UV rays. In fact, this is misleading, because a good umbrella with UV protection can completely withstand two kinds of ultraviolet rays. In fact, doctors also promote physical sun protection. The burden on the skin will be reduced a lot. In addition, sunscreen can not block the ultraviolet radiation on the hair and eyes, so be sure to put umbrellas in protective measures when you go out.

When buying an umbrella, pay attention to whether there is a volume label in the umbrella to indicate that the umbrella is UV-proof, that is, this umbrella can really prevent UV (Umbrella is generally not resistant to UV). Of course, there are also dual-use umbrellas that are both rain-proof and sun-protective. Usually the label will be sewn in the umbrella on the inside of the skeleton or on its price tag will be marked with sun protection.

In general, there are two indicators for measuring whether a parasol is a qualified “UV protection product.” First, the UPF of the umbrella is greater than 30. Second, the transmittance of UVA (long-wave ultraviolet) is less than 5%. Conditions are indispensable.

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