Reasonable purchase of anti-UV sun umbrella


When purchasing anti-UV custom umbrella, people must pa […]

When purchasing anti-UV custom umbrella, people must pay more attention to ensure that the UV-protected umbrellas they choose have sufficient quality and service life. To achieve reasonable purchase, the following three aspects must be achieved:
1, Choose brand-name products.

Beware of ordinary umbrellas and fake anti-UV umbrellas.
2,the best choice of Teflon fabric umbrella, when used in rainy days, it is not only waterproof, but also dry quickly.
3, in the choice of umbrella color and style, you certainly have your own preferences, but also due to the age and identity and the use of umbrellas.
4. Pay attention to whether the umbrella comes with a pocket for easy storage, and whether the pocket has a lanyard or a hanging loop, which will make it more convenient for you to carry.