Reasonable choice of parasols


The darker the color, the more sunscreen? Many people g […]

The darker the color, the more sunscreen?
Many people go to the umbrella wholesale market to buy advertising umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, subjectively think that the darker the color, the more sunscreen, so when choosing a parasol, desperately find a dark sun umbrella, for the sunscreen effect, do not consider the aesthetics of the umbrella. In fact, this is not the case, is it a good sunscreen effect, mainly depends on the UV protection factor (UPF) and the transmittance of daylight ultraviolet light, T (UVA). The larger the UPF value, the stronger the protection ability; the lower the T (UVA) transmittance, the better the UV protection effect of the fabric. When you purchase the second article, you will know how to buy it, without tangling between color and beauty.
The custom umbrella tip of the parasol is poked into the eyes, I don't know if you were a victim. According to reports, a gentleman was poked in the eyes of a little girl at the bus stop. According to the gentleman, the sun was very poisonous, and many women propped up advertising umbrellas. The little girl waited for the car to be bored with an umbrella and turned the circle. The umbrella tip of the umbrella was poked in the eyes of the gentleman.
Going to the umbrella wholesale market, you can see that many umbrellas and advertising umbrellas do not pay attention to this requirement. The umbrella tip is very long and the umbrella cap is not suitable. Nowadays, the umbrellas are all beautiful and look beautiful. However, the safety of the umbrella is not considered, and the safety instructions for the words are not seen in the instruction manual. In fact, the standard of umbrellas has long existed, there are clear regulations on umbrella tips, umbrella caps, etc., but many businesses in the umbrella wholesale market do not know these standards, let alone consumers, consumers still have to pay attention to themselves. By paying a little attention to these aspects, we can avoid these things from happening, and there will be unnecessary troubles in people's own provinces.