Prepare for sun protection against hot summer days


The great heat that just passed, it really makes people […]

The great heat that just passed, it really makes people feel the feeling of the sun. The heat is usually on July 23 or 24 of each year, and the sun reaches 120°. At this time, it is the hottest period of the year before and after the “mid-volt”. The temperature is the highest, and it is also the fastest time for crop growth.

In the hot summer, people who travel must pay attention to the work of sun protection and heatstroke prevention. Here are a few sunscreen heatstrokes recommended for everyone.

1, sunscreen. When it comes to sun protection and heatstroke prevention, the first reaction for most people is sunscreen! In the summer, everyone should try to choose oil control, cool sunscreen, to prevent sunburn and sunburn, but also to cool down.

2, ice stickers. Ice stickers are not really patches of ice, but are similar to patches containing mint. It is the best weapon to cool down in summer and cool down!

3, sunscreen shirt. When choosing a sunscreen, try to choose a sunscreen with a sunscreen index. Don't underestimate this sunscreen! Although it is only a thin layer, it does not feel stuffy when wearing it, and it can actually play a role in sun protection. You can have such a practical sun-drying device when you go out or travel.

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