How to choose umbrellas?


Summer hot, hot, is the number one enemy of the skin, c […]

Summer hot, hot, is the number one enemy of the skin, choose a good umbrella can greatly reduce the lethality of the sun, but the face of the uneven quality of the market umbrellas, how to choose a real " Umbrella ", but there is a trick. From a professional point of view, people often say that "umbrellas, parasols" is actually a UV umbrella, the selection of this umbrella should pay attention to the following three aspects:
First, look at the label.
Mainly look at the protection index, UPF and UVA value, UPF greater than 40, and UVA transmittance of less than 5%, can be called UV products, UPF value is greater, the better UV protection performance. In general, most of the mark on the market is "UPF50 +", the protection function is enough.
Second, look at the color.
In the case of the same fabric, dark umbrella UV better. The biggest difference between sunshades and other umbrellas is the use of UV-resistant coatings that block the penetration of UV light.
Third, see the fabric.
Umbrella thicker fabric closer fabric UV better performance, relative to cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester sunscreen. To know the sunscreen sunscreen effect, may wish to try the sun. The deeper the shadow, the lower the light transmittance of the best umbrella sunscreen.

When buying umbrellas, be sure to choose brand products. Regular manufacturers in many places will use the brand identity, such as umbrella joints and so on. In addition, the rain will be corrosive UV coating, the best umbrellas and umbrellas should be used separately. If the umbrella is dirty, rinse with water, or rub it by hand, otherwise it will affect the results.