Reasonable choice of sunny umbrella


I believe that many beautiful women are very entangled. […]

I believe that many beautiful women are very entangled. Before going out, I have to choose a parasol or an umbrella according to the weather. I don’t take up much space when I put two umbrellas in my bag. Maybe there are other beautiful women who have sun umbrellas in the rainy days. I don't want to use a parasol for rain, and I am afraid to reduce the sunscreen effect of the umbrella. In fact, it is not necessary, not only can the custom umbrella be used in rainy days, but the umbrella can also be used in rainy days. However, the surface of the umbrella should be rinsed with water as soon as possible after use and placed in a cool place to dry. Even when used only on sunny days, most umbrellas have an optimal service life of only two years.
  How to choose a sunny umbrella?
In fact, many people will not pick a sunny umbrella, do not believe you look at the following words, see if you have used it. When selecting a sunny umbrella outdoors, compare the coolness in the umbrella. The best way to choose an outdoor umbrella is to open the umbrella to the ground. The deeper the shadow, the better the sun protection performance.